Sustainable savings

In addition to targeting savings now, through qualifying suppliers in multiple regions we set the foundation for future savings.

Social responsibility

At EC4U we think that taking good care of the people you work is something every decent employer will do. To be sure, we check our suppliers regularly and thouroughly on their social responsibility. Whether they are certified by programmes as BSCI or Sentec, or not at all, our suppliers take these matters seriously.

Local presence

Because we are here, lines with suppliers are short, and hurdles can be taken quickly. We can monitor production processes from beginning till the end. And because we speak the language and live the culture we have a deep understanding of the way our suppliers think and act.

Qualified Suppliers

Before co-operating with a supplier we thourougly and rigourously screen them. In our factory audit subjects such as CSR, Technical abilities and machinery, Administration and Financial stability are being screened. After approval we will qualify them and add them to our database of prefferred suppiers.

Improved quality & reliability

Through our objective and rigorous sourcing process we keep your requirements on top of the suppliers mind.

Increased productivity

EC4U’s end to end process leads to reduced operating costs and quicker time to benefit realisation.


Our customers demands have priority, always. Customers demand is the starting point in every search for the best supplier. We are not related to any of our suppliers. On the other hand we have long term experience with a lot of them, and know who is capable of what. For the lowest price we suggest a different supplier then for the best quality. For the fastest delivery you might consider less attention to detail. It is a matter of priorities, in which we stive for the best possible balance between these demands.

Customer Dedicated Teams

Our sourcing department is divided in dedicated teams. Each team is working for 1 core cutomer. A team normally consists of 2 to 4 sourcing and merchandiseing employees, working closely together with 1 or 2 specialists in the QC department. Every customer knows his team members and is direct contact with them.

Economies of scale

In working for multiple companies, we can achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating spend across multiple customers for the same category, investing in deep category knowledge and expertise, and lastly through negotiating leverage deals with suppliers.

Increased business engagement and alignment

A key success factor for EC4U is engaging the business stakeholders from the beginning to ensure the demand is truly understood and the sourcing model aligns to the operating model.