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Tableware Market Overview 2018 – China & US Market Trends

Tableware Market Overview 


Tableware includes everything you need for eating meals at your table, from plates to cutlery. With the growing popularity of hosting social dining events, there has never been so much choice in the tableware market. Consumers can choose products to suit their needs, from basic dining sets for day-to-day eating, to elegant dining sets made from fine materials for that special occasion. Table decorations and accessories are also available to add the finishing touch to celebrate that special festival or occasion in the perfect way. (more…)

Home Textiles

Home Textiles Market Reports 2018 Trends, Analysis & Statistics


Home textiles are cloths and fabrics used in the furnishing of homes and are designed to make our lives more comfortable. They can consist of both functional and decorative products. The home textiles market is primarily made up of bed and bathroom textiles, but also includes baby muslin, throw blankets, chair covers and pillows. (more…)

Packaging Bags sourcing

Packaging Bags Market Reports 2018 Trends, Analysis & Statistics

At a Glance


Steady growth in the market
New materials becoming popular
Opportunities with smart technology


Increasing government regulation
Strong competition
Fragmented market

Key Stats

Plastic bag market worth US $18.2 billion in 2015
Paper packaging market worth US $362.7 billion by 2021
Sustainable packaging market worth US $440.3 billion by 2025 (more…)

chinese import ports

What is the best port to import a shipment from China into the UK

When importing cargo from China to the UK there are a wide variety of ports your goods may be shipped from. A majority of the time, you won’t have a choice in where your goods are shipped from due to the location. This will probably be dependent on where your goods are manufactured but your supplier may give a choice. If your supplier is between major ports (often Shanghai and Ningbo or Guangzhou and Shenzhen) then you may be able to choose the cheapest or most convenient option.

Sofa Fabric Material

5 Types of Contrast in the Sofa Fabric Material

In modern decoration, the role of fabric sofa is also more and more prominent, the design also need fabric sofa auxiliary to better reflect the decoration style, furniture products sofa is a more common product, the production of a lot of the brand sofa, production Sofa fabric is also a lot of each material, the pattern will show a different style, with other items will also produce differences, of course, the price is also an important factor. Therefore, the product is more favored by consumers. At present, what are the sofa fabric material? Then for everyone to introduce. (more…)