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Buying from China, Import from China

Buying from China is still handsome profit

It is the truth that when you decided to buy a small refrigerator in Wall-Mart, actually you are buying it from a Chinese factory called Haier. Made in China has been involved in lives of almost everyone. Then how does it happen? Because buying from China is still a handsome profit business.

But when you entrepreneurs developing a new product or strating a new business in China, you need to have some advice. You may become a global sourcing expert if you get success from China. (more…)

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Why use a sourcing agent or buying agent in china?

For importers that are serious about finding a high-quality supplier and controlling their product quality, sourcing agent could be the easiest answer.

If you’re importing from China and researching around the topic, you’ll have likely heard of sourcing agents. In this post, we will be exploring the use of sourcing agents and helping you to determine whether using a sourcing agent would benefit your business. (more…)

How to Source Products From China

Sourcing products and working with Chinese factories is not an easy task. If it is done correctly it has the power to take your business to the next level, and done incorrectly it has the power to kill it.
Regardless of the headaches you will face, sourcing can give you the edge you need in your respective business. First you should know why source in China.

How to Source Products From China? (more…)


April 2017 – Showtime!

As in every spring, April is the season for the biggest trade show in the world; the Canton Fair. As in every year, EC4U will be there, to meet with our customers, to meet exisitng supplier and to search for new ones. We are looking forward to this period because it means meeting old friends and making new ones. Since a year or so we can really feel that the economy in the western world is taking off again. The atmosphere during the trade shows is optimistic, and buyers are more confident. We are looking forward to seeing you in Guangzhou or Hong Kong in the coming weeks!