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What is the best port to import a shipment from China into the UK

When importing cargo from China to the UK there are a wide variety of ports your goods may be shipped from. A majority of the time, you won’t have a choice in where your goods are shipped from due to the location. This will probably be dependent on where your goods are manufactured but your supplier may give a choice. If your supplier is between major ports (often Shanghai and Ningbo or Guangzhou and Shenzhen) then you may be able to choose the cheapest or most convenient option.

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Why Using Taobao Agent When Shopping in Taobao

For Taobao buyers outside China, the service of Taobao Agent is recommended. This is because of the issues and barriers that an international buyer may come across from shopping in the platform. Taobao sellers are Chinese individuals that mostly don’t speak and understand English. Negotiation becomes hard because of the language barrier. And as Taobao originally created to cater local Chinese consumers, most of the Taobao sellers are inexperienced with international shipping. The quality issue is another concern as well, as you can’t be sure whether the images of products presented on the site conform to what is it in person. (more…)


Advantages and Disadvantages of Taobao Shopping

Taobao Shopping – Online Shopping is becoming more and more popular in this era. The convenience it offers and the variety of products and services that can be seen online make most people want to try it out. There are a lot of shopping sites on the internet but in this post we will introduce one of the largest online shopping sites in the world – Taobao is a chinese e-commerce site which offers wide variety of quality products and millions of sellers which offer very competitive and affordable prices of goods. Taobao in chinese actually means “searching for treasure network”; Shopping in taobao and you will instantly know that Taobao is the best haven in the internet for affordable stuff! (more…)


Tips for Import Toys from China

Some foreign clients and Chinese suppliers do not like to do toy business because of the wide range of toy products, the unknown of what to sell, and many countries have many regulations on imported toys, which will certainly cause a lot of trouble. But in fact imported toys are not as complicated as you think, you only need to select some good products and suitable suppliers. (more…)