EC4U Limited makes sure that Western brand owners get their own designs and ideas produced. We are specialized in mass production of non-food consumer goods.

To do so we rely on our vast base of suppliers, mainly located in South and South East China. EC4U has it’s own technical staff, and we are able to help realize productions, whether it is in 3D drawing, in prototyping or in production sampling

Source Products

Over the years we have gained experience in productions in all regular materials. Our buyers have indepth knowledge of the possibilities and impossibilities of various materials and production processes.
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IP Protection

We take our customers IP rights very serious. Intellectual property is in China still a problematic field. For a lot of common Chinese businessmen copyright still means: the right to copy.
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Suppliers Selections

Our suppliers have been assessed thoroughly and rigorously, before we start a working relationship. Once a supplier has passed the tests on technical reliability, social responsibility and legal soundness, we will start working together.
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Our Customers

We are proud that our products are to be found all over Europa and North America. Check those brands and retailers.
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Quality Control

Our QC department has a vital role in the process of sourcing. QC’s take care of factory audits before productions and check goods during and after production.
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