3 More Popular Home Decor in the US

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3 More Popular Home Decor in the US

The overall size of the home improvement market in the United States exceeded 300 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, equivalent to the total national GDP of Israel in that year. Among them, the United States Amazon home decor market accounted for 5 billion US dollars, and maintain 35% annual sales growth rate of hundreds of millions of dollars each year, 6% higher than the offline market growth rate much higher. Amazon home decor third-party seller accounted for the bulk of sales, the growth rate is far more than Amazon’s own retail.

Today, we talking about 3 most popular home decor in the US.


Reference: table lamp
Most of Amazon’s selling lamp is more than 20 dollars, if you have energy-saving products, eye protection or other technology, you can go through the fine line to ensure profit.

Lamps Amazon


Reference: chandelier
Similar to these simple installation of chandeliers, the United States is also very hot products, sellers can start from these categories to try.


Power Tools Accessories category

Americans have always had the habit of DIY, in the decoration is no exception, so these DIY accessories are also very large demand.

Reference: electric drill
Drill electric home decor tools are essential, so the demand potential is very large.

electric drill


Reference: Drill
Drill bits are consumables but add more to their market potential. Sellers can use Amazon Bussiness to sell directly to business and institutional sellers.



Smart home

Looking to the future, smart home is also the trend of home decor category.

Reference: smart socket
Each household is not less than two sockets, with the development of smart appliances, smart sockets will be more and more consumers.
smart socket


Reference: Sweeping robot
The price of sweeping robots can be said to be very high, with an average of over 300 knives. When it comes to sweeping robot everyone will think of iRobot. iRobot is a U.S. company specializing in robots. The convenience of sweeping robots makes it more and more market.
Sweeping robot

In addition, Amazon Echo Amazon sold at the United States quite popular, often in the out of stock, including echo, echo show, echo look, echo dot, echo plus, echo spot and so on. Amazon echo is a speaker with Alexa intelligent voice service, users can play a simple voice commands, you can play music, query information, and even control a variety of smart home devices. Echo Series Sellers can develop and produce more innovative hardware products around Alexa, which will make your product more competitive and gain more customer attention.

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