The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic planter

ceramic planter

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic planter

The basin is a pot-shaped utensil used for private garden villas and is widely used in gardening and landscape engineering. It is certain that many people who like to plant flowers and plants like to buy flower pots. Many people want to know what flower pot number they are. However, ceramic pots have become popular recently, and pots with ceramic pots have the most artistic effect.However, there are many kinds of flower pots, such as mud, porcelain, plastic flower pots, stone and wood products, etc. Next, the small series of homeland nets will bring you ceramic planter.

Ceramic planter use pottery vessels made of clay and clay, mainly in landscaping, landscape greening, private gardens, residential greening, and home furnishings to plant various plants.

The forming process of ceramic planter is also mainly divided into two types: manual molding and mechanical molding. Hand-formed application of hand-pulled billet and sculpture techniques, with deep artistic expression, each one is unique, high productivity of mechanical forming, but stereotyped, there is no comparable value.Ceramic plants are more beautiful and elegant than pots of other materials. They are suitable for the living room, bedroom, outdoor, and yard furnishings. The damage rate is lower than that of glass and plastic materials. The pot body does not fade, deform, and retain water. It is also very good and is the best choice for each potted plant. However, the only drawback of earthenware flower pots is the slightly poor air permeability.

European-style hand-painted ceramic planter, using high-quality ceramics, it is extraordinarily retro and elegant.Beautiful stripes and eye-catching eyes combine perfectly to give a three-dimensional texture.

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