Buying from China is still handsome profit

Buying from China, Import from China

Buying from China is still handsome profit

It is the truth that when you decided to buy a small refrigerator in Wall-Mart, actually you are buying it from a Chinese factory called Haier. Made in China has been involved in lives of almost everyone. Then how does it happen? Because buying from China is still a handsome profit business.

But when you entrepreneurs developing a new product or strating a new business in China, you need to have some advice. You may become a global sourcing expert if you get success from China.

Step 1: Window Shop China
There are several large web directories of Chinese companies and their products.. These sites are the place to start for window shopping. And all of them have their advantage in different field.

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • Made In China

You can buy even every thing in Alibaba, but you are looking for some innovative electronic product I will suggest Global Source. Remember that key word such as theme will effect the result of your sourcing.

Step 2: Digging a Little Deeper
Once you’ve found some stuff in the directory, take a look at some of the companies selling it. they will usually show a sampling of their products in the directory. Don’t be too exciting once you find these information, because most of the factory will over estimate their capability . If you don’t want to pay money and time for nothing at last, just dig a little deeper for their background and capacity. But doing this job in another country is not a wise way, cooperating with a agent in China will be more cost effective. A reliable agent will help you in selection.

Step 3: Playing the Part
Most factories in China are looking for a professional buyer who can place them serious quantity order. But if you are just at the beginning of your business and still want 5 starts service, you had better cooperate with an agent in China. As you know they may already have orders in hand, then it is not a big deal for them to find some more order to feed the factory to make their customer group as one of the big customer in that factory.

Step 4: Communication Skills
Notice that even globalization is developing , cultural difference still esist. For example, few years ago when I talked to a Chinese factory girl by a very simple sentence “What’s up!”, she just cried and tried to explain. Then I knew she just misunderstood I complain something about the order but she could not figure out what happen. Find a reliable agent in China to help you solve the communications, such as R&D, production, quality check, logistic and payment, and they will save you lots of time and energy.

Step 5: Next Steps
If the item you want is above the free sample level – there’s a couple other things you typically want to ask about:

– “leadtime” – how long after you make payment will they ship? if the item is in stock they should be able to ship it in a day or two after they get the payment. an item not in stock must be manufactured, they will be a lot less interested in selling a sample or small quantity if the item in that case. only once have i had a company take my payment and not deliver, I believe a motivator in that case was that I had ordered about 20 different items, all in very low quantity, and most of them were non-standard and needed to be manufactured. so – if you want a lot of things in small quantity, choose stuff that is in stock.

– “minimum order quantity” or MOQ. usually when you ask the price they will tell you the MOQ up front. it is never strict. you can always order less than the MOQ although often with a small surcharge (they usually will offer either a flat fee or percentage). a few times they have told me they would not sell less than the MOQ and I just offered a moderate surcharge (20% premium over their offer price when I was buying much less than the MOQ), which has always been accepted.

finding out about what you are buying:
– ask for the ‘spec sheet’ – especially for anything technical. it should have most of the details, but it is NOT always accurate. yet another reason you need to test a sample.

EC4U is here in Asia for finding the best sources for brands. Over the last decade we’ve built a vast data base of qualified vendors. To EC4U, qualify does not only mean quality and price but also mean the sincerity of solving problems together. We have offices in Hong Kong and Jiangmen City. They are in the middle of the most developed Industry area in China: The Pearl River Delta. The comprehensive infrastructure of the Pearl River Delta brings convenience in quality control and communication.

Looking for possibilities of buying products in China?

EC4U Ltd is sourcing and producing non-food consumer goods for Brand owners. Our roots are in Europe, our operations in China mainland and Hong Kong. We know what you care and want because of our root , then we also know how to solve the problems in China because we have been here for a decade.

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