Buying from China is not only product thing

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Buying from China is not only product thing


Congratulation if you have selected the right vendor for your products. But it does not mean problems are sll solved. Buying stuff is a bit of a hassle, mostly because it related to money.

When you are in a international trade, for example, buying from China, most of the time vendors will ask you to pay via wire transfer. But if your order total amount is less than 5000USD, it is not worthy in this way, because bank may ask around 25-40USD handling charge and you may need to prepare lots of documents.

What you can do in this case? You can choose Western Union Business Solutions. Of course, you can also talk with you agents in China. You could arrange a batch of deposit or balance wire to your anent then ask them to arrange to specified vendors. This is a way you can save time and money. But the most crucial thing is the agent must be reliable.


It is not the case that every vendor is experienced in international or domestic logistic, because they are only specialist in production. They may not know very clearly the date of cut-off for LCL and FCL is different, so they may be surprised once they receive the SO. Furthermore, they may not know the domestic logistic cost to a downtown warehouse and a harbour warehouse is a little bit different. If you want to avoid this issue, you had better have someone arrange it for you and again, a reliable agent in China will be a wise choice.

Tax & Custom Declaration

Because cheap imported goods can destroy local economies, your government may have import taxes on the goods you are trying to import. For most countries, importing small amounts of goods as “gifts” or “commercial samples” will be free of any import tax. Once you have larger or higher value goods, they are subject to import taxes. How and when these get paid depends a lot on your country, what is written on the package and what shipment method is used. Express couriers will usually hold your package and call you to collect any needed import tax before they deliver to you.

EC4U is here in Asia for finding the best sources for brands. Over the last decade we’ve built a vast data base of qualified vendors. To EC4U, qualify does not only mean quality and price but also mean the sincerity of solving problems together. We have offices in Hong Kong and Jiangmen City. They are in the middle of the most developed Industry area in China: The Pearl River Delta. The comprehensive infrastructure of the Pearl River Delta brings convenience in quality control and communication.

Looking for possibilities of buying products in China?

EC4U Ltd is sourcing and producing non-food consumer goods for Brand owners. Our roots are in Europe, our operations in China mainland and Hong Kong. We know what you care and want because of our root , then we also know how to solve the problems in China because we have been here for a decade.

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