Educational Trip Are More Attractive to Chinese Tourists

Educational Trip Are More Attractive to Chinese Tourists

Educational Trip Are More Attractive to Chinese Tourists

According to the data from China National Truism Administration, domestic scenic spots  got more than 344 million arrivals and reached a turnover of 42.33 billions during the holiday, which is a growth of 13.8% in person time and 15.9% in amount compare to 2015. The most popular cities are still Sanya, Lijiang and Xiamen.

Because of the visa application has been simplified to Chinese in most countries, travel aboard is still hot to Chinese. According to the data from National Truism Administration. 6.15 million Chinese travel aboard during the Spring Festival which is a raise of 7% compare to 2015. China Spring Festival has already become a golden week to the world.

According to the analysis from Tuniu, a famous travel platform in China, the top 10 popular foreign countries to Chinese are Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, United State, France, Italy. Thailand data is far ahead than others among these top 10 which is nearly 25% of the total amount.

Chinese tourists number growing fast in these 10 countries:

Morocco, Tunisia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Jordan, Iceland, Denmark, Slovakia, Sweden. And this is especially the truth to Morocco, who enjoyed a growth of 130 times.

More and more countries has enjoy the benefit of economy from Chinese Spring Festival. The average spent of Chinese tourists is more than 600 Euro and they become more culture oriented. They prefer a trip can bring them knowledge about a country than a buying list trip.

(from mafengwo)

It is time for more medium brands in Europe to show their capacity to China, a country with strong consumption power.


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