Importing Products from Asia: 5 Things You Must Know First

Importing Products from Asia

Importing Products from Asia: 5 Things You Must Know First

Perhaps you want to launch an commerce site or start selling on Amazon. Regardless, you have to get your products made in Asia (or elsewhere) , importing products from Asia.

So how should you avoid scams, quality issues or worse? Here are 5 tips to help you get started sourcing from Asia:

Tip 1: Find out which regulations apply to your product

Look for product-specific regulations such as (but not limited to) compliance marks, warning labels, banned/controlled chemicals and lab testing. You’ll have a hard time importing anything you source if your product doesn’t comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Tip 2: Only work with suppliers that can make compliant items

Only roughly 5-10% of Chinese suppliers can make products that are compliant with regulations in places like the United States, European Union and Australia. To avoid losing your cargo at customs, make sure you only deal with suppliers who can offer you proof of their certifications.

Tip 3: Sign a basic sales contract before placing an order

The main reason to sign a basic sales contract is to avoid quality issues. The vast majority of orders that go sideways – whether they show up with the wrong color, shape or size – it’s because early communications between the buyer and seller did not clearly specify quality standards, packaging and shipping terms. This also helps to reduce the transaction cost for future orders.

Tip 4: Pay the right supplier – avoid scams!

There are lots of scammers around who have a variety of tricks to separate you from your money. Make sure you’re careful with payment details:

  • Don’t pay to private accounts
  • Only pay to official company accounts
  • Make sure the company name matches the bank account holder

Tip 5: Always order a quality control before shipment

The only way to catch quality issues before it’s too late is to catch them before shipment. Don’t expect to be able to send products back if they’re not delivered as expected.

( From: alibaba )

You can learn more about how to avoid risks when importing from China.

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