LCL Shipping: Smarter, Cheaper Logistics

LCL Shipping: Smarter, Cheaper Logistics

What is LCL?
Less than Container Load (LCL) service is a new logistics service available on tailored for smaller and frequent trading orders typically placed by SMEs and newcomers to import/export.

Why Choose LCL?
LCL shipping offers importers a number of advantages designed to help you bolster your bottom line. If you are placing orders with any of these features, LCL might be the ideal solution for you:

Maintaining profit margins for orders with low MOQ is a common challenge for importers. LCL is a more cost-effective solution than FCL simply because you pay for the space you actually use. This way, when you are negotiating your order quantity, you can enjoy the flexibility to set an ideal quantity somewhere between the smallest profitable amount and the largest possible amount for your order.

Reduced Lead-Times
Bringing down delivery times is both a priority for and a key feature of the LCL service. By leveraging Big Data, our logistics partners can quickly manage inventories and fill containers – so you don’t have to wait for a container to fill up.

First-time and Trial Orders
Most buyers prefer to err on the side of caution when placing their first order with a new supplier and scale up with subsequent orders. LCL makes this common risk-reduction tactic both easier to execute as well as more profitable.

Calculating Freight Costs – LCL versus FCL
Selecting the right logistics solution for your specific needs isn’t always simple. As a general rule, LCL is the most cost-effective solution for shipments that don’t exceed 12-14 cubic meters (cbm). The shipping price per unit for LCL will typically be higher than for FCL, so we recommend being thorough when when calculating your shipping costs.

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