Private labels & packaging options

Private labels & packaging

Private labels & packaging options

The obvious and most profitable way to create sales is a private label with a nice packaging. A nice packaging will convince your customers to buy your product by 50% already.

Now lets look at the different options in packaging’s.

You basically have 2 options:

– Private label packaging (color box or white box with private label sticker)

– White box

Private label packaging:

You have to differentiate between a white box private label packaging and a color box private label packaging.

Obviously a full color box would be the best way to go but the thing is you need a certain quantity to print color boxes.

Suppliers will usually request a minimum order of 500 or more. It’s not that the supplier doesn’t want you to have your own boxes on a low quantity but the prices they usually quote come with a private label box.

It is not the factory itself that requests a high quantity but it is the printing factory who needs a minimum of say a 1000 pieces to offset their printing costs. Of course sometimes high MOQ’s are set by the factory (unrelated to the packaging) because they need to purchase a certain amount of raw material but in most cases they give you high MOQ’s because of the packaging.

That’s the next thing, when a supplier quotes you a price based on private label he often is referring to a color box.

But what you can still do is to have a white box with a sticker or your logo on it.

The good news is you can ask your factory to print lower quantities of color boxes and just pay a little more. Most buyers just give up on their private label when the factory tells them that they need 1000 pieces for a private label box.

Simply ask your supplier to either adjust the cost so that he can cover the more expensive packaging or ask him to have a white box and put a sticker with your logo on it. A sticker typically costs less than 0.1USD per sticker.

A private label color packaging also allows you to change everything on the box. Pictures, descriptions, instruction manual etc.

White box:

Whenever you can and especially if you are testing a product ask your supplier if he has white box available for your shipment.

In most cases the supplier won’t have a white box but sometimes they do.

A white box is ideal for you to put your logo on it and not having to change anything on the packaging, especially if you are just testing the waters with this product.

Costs of packaging

要了解外包时彩色包装的实际成本,它将在此处列出指示性价格(例如带有 UV 涂层的彩盒):

1000 件 ~0.3US$ 美分/包装

500 件 ~1 美元/包装

300 pcs ~3US$ 每包装

100 件 ~7 美元/包装



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