Plastics supplier & manufacturer sourcing. Importing plastics from China. We have a wide range of manufacturing contacts in China. We are running productions in all sorts of plastics and in all sorts of techniques. Injection molding – for various products such as Lifehammer and ResQPen; Parts for fashion trolleys; part for corkscrew and garlic press.

  • 2K molding – for 2 material tool grips
  • Blow molding – for PET bottles and water bottles
  • Extrusion – for insulation profiles
  • Vacuum forming – for blister retail packing
  • Polyresin modeling – for decorated handles on spoons, forks and knifes.
  • Melamine production – plates, cups and bowl
  • Silicone injection – for all kinds of silicone products
  • PP woven and PP non woven – for carrier bags