Why Using Taobao Agent When Shopping in Taobao

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Why Using Taobao Agent When Shopping in Taobao

For Taobao buyers outside China, the service of Taobao Agent is recommended. This is because of the issues and barriers that an international buyer may come across from shopping in the platform. Taobao sellers are Chinese individuals that mostly don’t speak and understand English. Negotiation becomes hard because of the language barrier. And as Taobao originally created to cater local Chinese consumers, most of the Taobao sellers are inexperienced with international shipping. The quality issue is another concern as well, as you can’t be sure whether the images of products presented on the site conform to what is it in person.Read more about advantages and disadvantages of taobao shopping for Taobao buyers outside China.

Taobao Agent will be now the middle man between the Taobao seller and the international buyer. They offer services that will make Taobao shopping possible and safe for anyone who wants to shop on the site globally. Some of the basic services they offer are the following:

  • Purchase your requested products. The Taobao Agent will purchase your desired products for you. You just need to provide them the links to your orders or a description of them and they will help you find the appropriate products.
  • Handles Communication to a seller. Taobao Agents are individuals who are mostly native Chinese who can speak and understand English. They will help you in effectively communicating your order specifications to Taobao sellers.
  • Storage Services. They’ll receive your orders and store them in their Warehouse located in China until they are ready for shipment to your location.
  • Product Quality Check. After they have received your orders, they will check if the quality of the items received conforms to the specifications and standards you provided. They will inform you and send you pictures of the items if they will suspect any non-conformance and ask whether you want them to be retained, returned or exchanged.
  • Packaging Services. They will pack your orders with the proper protection to receive your items in good conditions. They can also remove unnecessary packages like shoeboxes to help you save in shipping.
  • Order Consolidation. Taobao Agent offers consolidation services that will let you choose whether you want your orders to be combined and shipped in a single package. They can wait until all your orders from different Taobao sellers arrive before they will ship them to you at once. You can save in shipping cost in this manner as in shipping; the first half kilo is more expensive than the next half kilo.
  • Convenient Payment Method. They offer a variety of payment methods for customer’s convenience. You can pay them through Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer and more.
  • Offer International Shipping. Your Taobao Agent will handle the international shipping of your orders. They offer different worldwide shipping methods, air or sea, which will deliver your packages in your designated location.

Hiring a Taobao Agent for your Taobao shopping will provide you the advantage of simple, safe, convenient, stress-free and cost saving shopping experience from Taobao! Find the best and the most suitable Taobao Agent for you that can fulfill all your needs.

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