4 processes to insist on from your sourcing agent


4 processes to insist on from your sourcing agent

Even though it’s the agent’s responsibility to ensure proper quality controls are in place, it is still re-assuring for you as the client to understand the process they go through to ensure good quality products are delivered to you.

Here are some things to insist on from your agent:
Vetting Process. Question your agent on the vetting process they follow when looking at new suppliers. Do they check their time in business, certifications, customer base, etc? The agent should take all reasonable efforts to ensure that they are sourcing your products from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Factory Visits. The agency should take the time and effort to visit the factories of every manufacturer they use or recommend for you. They should interview the manufacturer and get a good understanding of their experience, capacity, lead times, and other customers they’ve manufactured similar goods for.

Quality Certificates. Ask your agent to check for “genuine” quality certificates. Many manufacturers in China have valid quality accreditations such as ISO 9002. Many others do not. This doesn’t stop them however saying that they do. In one case which we encountered recently, the manufacturer had even gone to the trouble of inventing their own quality accreditation. To the less suspicious mind, it looked like a valid quality certificate from a legitimate organisation. Upon further investigation however we discovered that it was merely a figment of someone’s imagination and a definite attempt to dupe their unsuspecting customers.

Certificate of Authorisation. The agent should be able to supply you, upon request, with a Certificate of Authorisation from the manufacturer of your goods. This certificate provides evidence that your agent is authorised to supply goods from that manufacturer. It helps to ensure that the goods you are receiving actually come from a certified manufacturer.

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