Why source in China?

source in China

Why source in China?

Why source in China? As a country with 41 categories in industry , China own marvellous industrial matching ability. It is still the choice you can overlook.

When you are outsourcing from China, you will get three main benefits—it saves time. Yes, this is something that most businesses will not be aware of. When you outsource products or raw materials from China, you are saving on the time that you would be taking for manufacturing that product or raw material. Outsourcing from China will allow you leverage for growth. In other words, with outsourcing from China, you are giving the opportunity to your business to grow faster. A good China sourcing agent will be very transparent with you and offer you the lowest prices for the goods that are desired by you.

When you outsources from China, you can actually gain access to resources that you actually don’t have. With the help of these resources, you can modify or alter the products in the desired manner. When you have to make the highest unit by unit profit on produced or manufactured goods, reselling and bulk purchasing are very lucrative options. There are thousands of resellers who are sourcing their products from China manufacturers or suppliers. It is true that these manufacturers are offering very high discounts. You will have to be very smart in selecting the right product sourcing from China since there are many options in the offering. There are some legal aspects that you may have to consider before you take a giant leap of China outsourcing.

But when you determine to source products from China, you should predict the risks that you may take, such as vendor selection risks, logistics risks, payment risks, intellectual property risks, political risks and general commercial risks.That is a case you can never ignore no matter which country you decide to purchase from.

When you ask about factory capability, you will always get an answer as yes they can do everything you require. Even without the capabilities, you will find that most suppliers will give you rock-solid commitments. In this case, approach truth by culling out a China sourcing company will be a wise way.

Many factories in China can offer very low price. But, dont be elated by the first sight. Most of the time factories did not trick, because even themselves dont understand what they should offer. They just took it for grant that they can meet your need at that price. Factory selections can be done through audit by your source agent in China and that can low your risk.

To avoid any finger point while working with the China agent, make sure you have select a company with good record, such as what companies they have cooperated with and their working procedure and regulations. The reason you spend the money on the agent is to get cost effective product in low risk, so you can not ignore this part.

China Sourcing Agent and product sourcing from china have been sourcing products from China for their clients, building up a wide range of contacts, great factory relationships with excellent experience of sourcing both standard, and the more unusual or new products.

EC4U is here in Asia for finding the best sources for brands. Over the last decade we’ve built a vast data base of qualified vendors. To EC4U, qualify does not only mean quality and price but also mean the sincerity of solving problems together. We have offices in Hong Kong and Jiangmen City. They are in the middle of the most developed Industry area in China: The Pearl River Delta. The comprehensive infrastructure of the Pearl River Delta brings convenience in quality control and communication.

Looking for possibilities of buying products in China?

EC4U Ltd is sourcing and producing non-food consumer goods for Brand owners. Our roots are in Europe, our operations in China mainland and Hong Kong. We know what you care and want because of our root , then we also know how to solve the problems in China because we have been here for a decade.

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